The official opening ceremony of the Macaroni Training and Research Center was on October 30, 2015. The guests from the leading universities and Kazakh research centers of Russia, Ukraine attended the opening ceremony including the ATU  administration as well as the professors of the "Bread Technology and Processing" Faculty, the students and representatives of the leading  food industry enterprises of Kazakhstan.
Honorable guests valued the importance of the Macaroni Training and Research Center as one of the most important conditions for quality education, innovation study, products development for the population needs.
The Center is equipped with semi-automatic mini-production line for short-cut pasta products made from flour of soft and durum wheat (baking flour with gluten 26-32%). Mini line consists of pasta press PMI 02 and two drying ovens ShS 1. Additional equipment to the line is packing semiautomatic device U-01 and flour sifters MP-03. Pasta press, a double trunk PMI 02 is designated for kneading, shaping, cutting and pre-drying of pasta from flour of any wheat sorts: hard and soft, grids, seconds, semolina and mixtures thereof. The drying cabinet ShS-1 is for pasta drying from the initial moisture of 36.2% to 19% residual moisture. The pasta drying is carried out by forced blowing of hot air. Drying cabinet works in semi-automatic mode. The temperature regime is maintained automatically.
The Macaroni Training and Research Center holds great promise for scientific researches by the university scientists in the industry; seminars and master classes. The Center provides the laboratory and research works on macaroni production technology for doctoral students, undergraduates and students.     
The Standardization Technical Committee №67 «New generation technologies and food products" on a basis of the Almaty Technological University (TK №67)has been founded by the Order of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 275-OD dated 05.06.2008.
The Standardization TC №67 is a full member to the International Technical Committee ISO TC №34 «Food Products" and has 6 sub-committees in the food industry consisting of the university staff and qualified specialists of the industry associations, unions, food industry, certification bodies.
The TC 67 Chairman is a Professor, Science and Innovations Vice-Rector , Maigul Kizatova. Responsible secretary is Y. Pronina.
The Technical Committee work is systematized and is based on constant learning, traceability of documents in the field of food processing industry:
                                development of the state standards for innovative products and production technologies subject to international practice;
                                development of standards to the technical regulations and their harmonization with international, regional and national standards of foreign countries, the Customs Union;
                                participation in examination of the state standards for food products and production technologies at the stage of coordination;
                                assisting the development of standards for new types of products.
        LIRI – is a structural research unit of the University which is part of the Science Department carrying out basic and applied research in a wide range of the light and textile industry.
The main high-priority fields of scientific activities of the institute:
Development of special clothing design methods to protect against hazardous and harmful factors on a basis of study of working conditions;     
Development of design of structural and technological solutions techniques for the national and modern clothes based on scientific principles;     
Development of design methods for different types of yarn and textile materials with desired properties.     
The structure includes the following:
- The Kazakh-Korean Scientific and Educational Technologies Center (KKSET);
- Scientific and research laboratory of textile materials technology and safety (SRL TMT);
- Scientific and research laboratory of light industry products design (SRL LIPD).